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Mammography /
Bone densitometry
Angiography /
Interventional Radiology

CT (computed tomography)
A Philips 16-slice CT scanner takes just
seconds to capture multiple high-resolution, three-dimensional images in exquisite detail of a patient’s anatomy, including the spine, head, abdomen and chest.

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
A Philips 1.5T MRI scanner incorporates several new technological advances that provide exceptional orthopedic imaging, and the capability to produce breast MRI scans that enhance overall breast-cancer diagnostic capabilities.

Two state-of-the-art sonographic scanners provide obstetrical exams and studies of many organ systems.

Enhanced testing capabilities
This new CT and MRI technology allows our physicians and technologists to perform advanced exams, such as non-invasive angiography for studies of the circulatory system. The CT technique of virtual colonoscopy is also on the horizon as a less-intrusive means to examine the lower digestive system.

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Digital radiography
This advanced form of x-ray imaging uses digital sensors instead of traditional photographic film as the means to capture and enhance study images. Eliminating the need to chemically process film reduces turnaround time and improves efficiencies in other ways. Also, compared to conventional means, less energy is sometimes needed to produce a digital image of similar contrast, which translates to even less radiation exposure to patients.

PACS (picture archiving
and communication system)

PACS allows images to be stored, accessed, and transmitted electronically, precluding the need to store and transfer films or other physical material. This includes all imaging modalities: x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine.

Web-based information system
Our secure Web-based health information system provides physicians and office staff with around-the-clock access to Diagnostic Imaging studies and Laboratory results on inpatients, outpatients and ER patients from any Windows-based computer with an Internet connection.

Support services
Other on-site Tuality Healthcare services include Infusion Services, a Laboratory blood-draw station, and a convenient Admitting station.


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